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Why Us?

For two generations our family has been repairing new and old structures. This has given us insight into what methods of building and roofing has failed, either by improper installation or out of date building practices. In our many years of building maintenance and repairs, we not only repair problems but eliminate and upgrade structures to receive newer and better products. We are able to locate and research to determine the extent of the problem far better with minimal impact on a company’s budget.

Most roofing companies will try to sell their products with no concerns addressed to the problem areas. They will usually bring these problems up at a later date at double the cost. Universal Construction’s bid is always complete with no hidden surprises. Always get more than one bid and do a comparison of the two plans. Be sure to pay special attention to the materials listed that will be used. Universal Construction always gives a ten year labor warranty in addition to the 15, 20 and 30 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our goal on every job is to provide you with a completed project that you’ll be happy about for many years. We will protect your landscaping and surrounding property from falling debris and remove all debris from your premises in a timely manner. We will finish the job in a timely manner to minimize any inconvenience to you.

Why, we will even bring a magnet out to sweep the entire area to remove any stray nails.

We will work with you to determine any tax credits for energy savings that you may qualify for.

UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTION is constantly researching and implementing the most current “green” roofing products and techniques into our projects.

Did you know that over 70% of roofs installed get reroofed or repaired within 7.5 years due to improper installation (not material failure)? That alone should make you want to insure your roof is being done right. Often times you get a low bid that can cost you more in the long run. The cost of a new roof should be calculated over the true life of the roof.

Here are two examples of a thirty year roof quote:-

Example 1

Quote #1.
Contract price $4000.

Poor quality materials and installation. Require repair after three years, price for repair $300. In seven years it needs more extensive repairs costing $700… you see the trend!

Example 2

Quote #2.
Contract price $6000.

The high quality materials are used. The craftsman provided by trained professionals. The roof needs no repairs after 25 years. Total cost $6000.

How many times have you tried to save money in life only to cost you more of your money and time later on down the road? I don’t even want to think about it. We tend to ignore this and continue putting our self through stress! Why?

You don’t have to when it comes to your roof. With all the mold issues, who needs water leaking in a wall or attic for a year or more before you realize it? Universal Construction will work to prevent this from happening. Allow us to show you how it really should be done.

Universal Construction will help you fix a problem, not create another! We do every type of roof in existence. So no matter what type of roof you have, call us! You will be glad you did!


Many people are well aware that their home’s roof is the best means of protection against Mother Nature’s harmful effects, but often over look their business’s roof. This can be bad news if you have an unnoticed roofing problem on your commercial property. Small problems can lead to major issues if left alone, which can be quite costly to you and any other tenants.

Commercial roofing is constructed from a variety of materials and in a number of different styles. Many commercial properties have flat roofs, which use much different roofing materials than a usual residential property would. Flat roofs require rubber, rolled, metal, and PVC material that take a skilled roofing contractor to apply. Roofs should also be designed and completed so that they route water away from the building. The number cause of roofing failures is not properly draining water from the roof.

Universal Construction prides their work on having the skills of being more than a roofer. Universal Construction was founded on a simple principle that is to do the right thing. That means working with our customer to determine what the right solution is for them. We will perform our duties in a timely, courteous, and professional manner.

Universal Construction is fully insured, bonded and with worker’s compensation. Our insurance agent is Booher Insurance Agency of Brookville, Ohio. We have carried insurance with Mr. Booher for many years.

We are certified installers, which mean that you will receive the manufactures warranty. Installer without this certification place you the client at a potentially great loss because if the material is not properly installed, the manufactures warranty can be voided by the manufacturer. Always ask your installer to see their certification.

Universal Construction provides a 10 Year labor warranty on a new roof. What that means to you is that if a manufacture makes good on a warranty that only covers the material, when you go with Universal Construction – you go with peace of mind knowing that a 10 year labor warranty is included on all new roofs. In the case of a roof repair, we offer a 2 Year labor warranty.

Universal Construction is the proud recipient of the GAF MASTER 10 PROGRAM, Commercial Roofing Contractor award for installing with excellent workmanship a EVERGUARD DIAMOND PLEDGE: 15 roofing system for Jamison Retail Supply at 124 Fluhart Ave., Dayton,OH. Universal Construction has strong working relationships with our manufactures. All workers are Drug Tested, and we are an EEOC employer.

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